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The challenges of being a male therapist

At Dee Dee Thai Massage we have employed several male therapists since we have been open, however we find that in our industry and culture male therapists are in less demand than female therapists. Why is this?

As we employ mainly Thai therapists we often have males that have been trained in Thailand hear on short stays for study or other reasons that wish to put their craft to work while in the country. In Thailand male therapists are often in higher demand due to the additional strength they offer while performing massage. Also with massage being ingrained in the Buddhist culture there is no preconceived notion of an attractive lady performing the massage, as it is for remedial and relaxation purposes only.

So why is it that we are so afraid of male therapists? Understandably massage can be a very personal service, the customer is at time vulnerable being down to their underwear if receiving a massage with oil. Additionally now days body image is important and some customers can feel uncomfortable. There are other obvious reasons that both men and women feel uncomfortable with a male therapist.

Trust is a very important thing and we trust all of our therapists to do the right thing by our customers. That is why we ensure that we have customer garments available so if only a male therapist is available to provide massage at the time, the customer doesn't have to feel vulnerable but can relax and enjoy the massage they have requested.

Being a male therapist is not easy, they are often rejected by customers in favour of the female therapists that work along side them. Please try to be mindful when attending any massage business and know that the males are just as experienced as the females, sometime more so. If you feel you would like customer clothes, don't be afraid to ask.


Relax and enjoy life

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