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The steps of Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage usually takes two to three hours to complete, this is because it takes the body this long to fully relax. Some muscular improvements can be gained with short periods of massage however, it is more likely and beneficial for this to be targeted to specific areas of the body.

Typically Thai massage will start at the foot, this is to help the client relax. Pressing the sole wakes the nervous system and enhances blood circulation. Next is the legs, as they account two thirds of the muscles in your body and play a key role in sending blood back to the heart. By targeting the nerve systems at the lower part of the body it can reduce fatigue and increase physical health.

Moving up the whole leg there is an energy line referred to as sen. Pressing along the sen encourages further circulation of blood. The benefits of pressing on this energy line is not limited to circulation, but also helps the body remove waste in the blood. Usually it takes 40 minutes to one hour to complete massage on the legs.

Following the legs the massage moves up the body to the back, shoulder and neck releasing pressure in tight and tired muscles.Nowadays, these are normally the tightest and most requested areas to massage. However, tension in the back can be the related to many different things, tight leg muscles or tight neck or shoulder muscles. Most people tend to forget that the entire body is connected and will compensate for itself. Which is why a full body massage can be important, focus on the area that is sore or tight may not necessarily address the source of the problem.

Finally, arms, abdomen, waist, sometimes face and head to warm the whole body. Therapists may use thumbs, palms, elbows, or other parts of the body to apply pressure and relive stiffness. Throughout the massage stretching techniques are also applied which are similar to that of yoga poses. Combining multiple disciplines of Thai tradition, massage is conducted slow, gently and with an empty mind, all to relax and rejuvenate the body back to a healthy state.

Not only the customer benefits from these techniques but the therapist does as well. While completing the steps of Thai massage the therapist finds themselves in the same yoga poses and meditative state as the customer helping to keep them healthy both physically and mentally,


Relax and enjoy life

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