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Traditional Thai Massage - Clothing

As part of our regular blog, we will try to give a better understanding of Thai massage, its origins as well as dispel any myths surrounding Thai massage.

Not many people would realise but traditional Thai massage has the customer fully clothed. There is a misunderstanding in some western cultures that see customers strip to underwear or no clothes at all. This is only for oil based massages that the removal of clothing is required. For traditional Thai massage without oil, the customer should be provided with loose clothing that allows the therapist to perform the massage steps for the client.

We have found that by providing the appropriate clothing to our customers we are able to remove some of the anxiety related to massage. Being fully clothed while receiving a massage can make our customers not only feel more comfortable, but also more secure. The vulnerability associated with lying naked on a massage table is removed and the customer is able to relax and enjoy their massage.

Please ensure to ask our therapists for customer clothing when attending, we are looking forward to seeing you.


Relax and enjoy life

Dee Dee Thai Massage

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